Wednesday, November 01, 2006

MoKB starts: MOKB-01-11-2006 - Apple Airport 802.11 Probe Response Kernel Memory Corruption

The Month of Kernel Bugs has started. The first bug is a memory corruption vulnerability found and contributed by fellow H D Moore.

The Apple Airport driver provided with Orinoco-based Airport cards (1999-2003 PowerBooks, iMacs) is vulnerable to a remote memory corruption flaw. When the driver is placed into active scanning mode, a malformed probe response frame can be used to corrupt internal kernel structures, leading to arbitrary code execution.

With all the hype and buzz about the now infamous Apple wireless device driver bugs (brought to attention at Black Hat, by Johnny Cache and David Maynor, covered up and FUD'ed by others), hopefully this will bring some light (better said, proof) about the existence of such flaws in the Airport device drivers.

The vulnerability details and proof of concept code can be found in the MOKB-01-11-2006 page.

Trick or treat? Happy Halloween.